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Adult "Intrinsic" Canvas Split-Sole Ballet Slippers for Women

Designer: MDM

$ 31.85 $ 35.00

Note: This item is currently unavailable.

Details & Care

The "Intrinsic" is a canvas split sole ballet slipper designed to strengthen the muscles of the lower leg and provide a heightened level of support for the foot and ankle. Prior to the release of the "Intrinsic", canvas split sole shoes have been frowned upon by dance teachers for their lack of support and remedial characteristics. This issue has been addressed by building a support and strengthening substructure into the shoe. The patent applied structure is designed to impose a level of controlled resistance to the muscles of the lower leg each time the foot points and flexes, building strength and stability over time. The structure is shaped to envelop the heel and arch which offers the dancer an unrivalled level of protection. It supports the foot and arch and allows the intrinsic muscles to recover when at rest. All this is achieved while maintaining the optimum aesthetics for a longer leg and a clean line.



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